Berkay Location

A practice app project to teach me how to use Google Map integration in my Android projects. The project takes an input final destination from the user and sets an alarm of a distance. When user is in the target radius of this distance circle the alarm will ring and warn the user.

  • Date: June 26, 2016
  • Fields: Android Studio, Google Tools, UI Design
  • Github Link: Here

Personal Web Page

This basic web page is built by me! For me to learn how to use HTML5 and CSS tools to create the outlooking of a webpage. And also pretty decent Javascript is used to manipulate the view when buttons are clicked. There is even a contact form that uses a PHP file to send me an e-mail of the contents of a form filled.

  • Date: August, 2015
  • Fields: Web Design, HTML5, CSS, Javascript
  • Live View: Here is my site :)

ITUKis* Festival Multi Platform App

In 2017 January Istanbul Technical University made a festival in Bansko Bulgaria. They asked me to code the first and only official application of the festival on multiple mobile platforms. I made an app for the university where they can post their events and pictures from the festival. The app was put on the store and installed on every device in the festival both on IOS and Android! This app teach me how to use Google Firebase database integration and also teach me how to deal with the play store development console and application releases procedure.

Arduino MQTT Webserver Project

When I was making my internship with KocSistem, I was given a task that required me to work with Arduino UNO 3. During the summer time the antenas on top of company building were heating more than 40C which was making them burn. Therefore I built an arduino tempeature + humid measurer with DTH11 sensors and also using Ethernet shield, I was able to successfully upload the data to a webserver using JSON parsing. After that the antenas were able to recieve this signal and close themselves if tempeature or humidity is too high.

  • Date: August, 2016
  • Client: KocSistem
  • Fields: Arduino, MQTT, IoT, JSON
  • Github Link: Here

Mini Twitter Web Application

During my Database Management Systems class we were asked to imitate a social media web page by using the tools we are being taught. Me with a group of 3 decided to make a twitter page where we had to use many technologies at the same time. The pages are designed with HTML, CSS and Javascript as usual. The database of IBM Bluemix is used with PostgreSQL and hosted on a web page which was given for free to us. The navigation of web pages and the request handling (POST and GET) are done with Python Flask. In the end the project thought us to work as a team using GitHub vesion controlling and also to use many skills at once.

  • Date: September, 2016
  • Fields: SQL, Python, IBM Bluemix, GitHub, HTML5, CSS, Javascript
  • Detailed Documentations: Report And Presentation
  • GitHub Link: ITUCSDB1625

C# Hotel Reservation Program

During my studies in Malmö University in Sweden, in my C# course I was asked to write a program that can be used for hotel resercations. I designed the objects architecture and coded the program. It was the first time I felt like something I coded can actually be used in real life. The program was very fun to code and easy to edit afterwards for the needs of the hotel.

  • Date: March, 2015
  • Fields: C#, Visual Studio, Object Oriented Programming
  • Github Link: Here Cinema Booking Program

A practice windows application for me to do as an assignment of Malmö University. The application is very basic and useful for those who wants to learn VB.NET. Designing the UI and manipulating it for every operation is a very useful trick when it comes to windows applciations.

  • Date: April, 2015
  • Fields:, Visual Studio, Windows Applications
  • Github Link: Here